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Access the full potential of yesterday's search and storage capabilities. Harness the speed and scale that today offers and tap into invaluable intelligence and actionable insights for tomorrow's success

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Who, What & How?

Where do you want to go with your Data Extraction?

Understand the goals you need to achieve with your data extraction needs and how far different types of solutions can get you.

WHO can do it?
OCRs and Parsers
WHAT you want?
A Technical Approach
Follow a Specific Process
Ready To Use Data
HOW to get it?
Code/GUI Based Code
Code/GUI Based Code
Code/GUI Based Code
 Why SageX?

How do you get there?

Understand and experience the difference between the traditional steps/workflow of data extraction systems and the cost of having a complex workflow. A more efficient workflow system can save time, resources and extends economic and performance optimizations.

Interested in simplifying your data extraction?

Focus on data, tech and human experience
Serious about security & privacy
Performance & cost optimized