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Realizing the value of data has never been easier

Step 1

Add Your Documents

SIMPLE. Just drop your documents in. Our engine will understand the structure of your document and optimize the process to help you with a faster and smarter extraction workflow.

Step 2

Select/Verify Data

INTELLIGENT. Highlight and select the data you need. Or when the engine has predicted it for you, just verify it with a click.

Step 3

Consume The Data

CONVENIENT. Export: transformed, standardized and normalized data specifically tailoredto your requirements.

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Effortlessly obtain your tailored consumable data with precision and speed—without the need for laborious and expensive processes with high operational risks.

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Backed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing reliable and effective solutions. With years of industry, data and technology experience, we challenge the status quo, strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO
A Data and Product Leader, with more than 15 years in the Global Capital Markets, Market Data and Risk & Compliance functions.
Nitin Gupta
Kiran Kumar
Co-Founder and CTO/CPO
A solutions architect, with over two decades in the Technology industry and built products ranging from a Stock Trading Terminal to Auction Marketplaces.
Nitin Gupta
Rakesh Srivastava
Co-Founder and COO
An Operations, Cloud and Delivery expert with more than two decades of experience working in large global enterprises.
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Nitin Gupta
Rishi Nangalia
Nitin Gupta
Bina Kalola
Nitin Gupta
Jay DiPietro
Nitin Gupta
Brian Filanowski
Nitin Gupta
Bill Heffelfinger

Empowering businesses with data-driven growth

hours to setup workflow & prediction readiness

ESG Data Automation

ESG has quickly grown out of investment philosophies into a broader set of core strategic positioning for businesses. In this shift from meaningful change to measurable value, the biggest challenge was to extract ESG & Sustainability data assets from a variety of documents. SageX provided a quicker path to automation and a shorter time to the consolidated data, empowering businesses to align their actions with their core objectives.

reduction in time required to get predicted data

Asset Contracts Simplified

Contracts & Agreements have always been inundated with unstructured/document driven data. The singular objective for the business was to transform these documents into data that was easy to analyze, maintain and consume. This would simplify collaboration with multiple teams, including asset finance, operations, etc. SageX provided a flexible way to manage this activity internally, with an accelerated learning system that could be configured in-house while adapting to the evolving changes in these agreements.

document layouts & structures handled

Accelerated M&A Due Diligence

While meeting the aggressive timeline for an M&A event, the customer needed to consolidate data from across 12 different types of documents published by over 10,000 partners & vendors with varying nuances and formats. Many of the documents had little to no standardization and the content was available sparsely. SageX provided an incremental learning system that used the metadata to speed up training and brought down the projected time frames by more than 80%.

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